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Since 1998 Meclube studies and develops lubrication equipment, electric pumps for diesel, gasoline and AdBlue entirely made in Italy for the main international markets. The great variety of solutions available and the impeccable quality of the internal production make Meclube the ideal partner in the following fields: automotive, agricultural, earth-moving, industrial and mining.  

A company philosophy


Meclube’s mission is to supply to the customers high quality, efficient and long-lasting made in Italy products, with a complete service of production and assistance. 

For this reason, the company’s policy is aimed to the attention of every detail: from the planning stage to the productive one. The optimization of the processes, the introduction of new technologies and the active participation of all the team members, grant the necessary innovation and flexibility for the growth of the company. This is a constant and shared objective that led to the rise of Meclube in the global market.  


The focus of Meclube’s vision is the attention to the customer. The ability to respond to requests with promptness and accuracy are what makes Meclube service stand out now and in the future. 

For Meclube the customer is the greatest fortune and, as such, is the core of the company vision. 

In the coming years, Meclube’s network of sales is going to extend even further, exporting the wide range of products in new areas of the world.



Meclube S.R.L. (Menghini Construction Lubrication Equipment) is born, it is an artisanal company for the production of accessories and lubrication equipment in the automotive field. Over the years, Meclube, continues the development of new products, having the possibility of distributing their own equipment across multiple sectors.  


Meclube switches from artisanal company to industrial company. 


The structure is expanded and goes from 3000 m² to 5000 m² of covered area. The production of a new line of electric pumps for the distribution of diesel fuel, gasoline and AdBlue starts. 


Meclube acquires a new structure and the production unit operates on a total area of 60.000 m² of which 10.000 m² are covered. The great range of products and the service offered, make Meclube the ideal partner in more than 130 countries.

Meclube for environment

40% of energy comes from renewable sources, thanks to the photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the production area.

Meclube is committed daily to define a future characterized by eco-friendliness. For this purpose, Meclube has already started an upgrade path and has introduced new processes and machineries. The acquisition of more and more efficient technologies allows to reduce the waste of resources, improves work conditions and reduces the emissions into the atmosphere. Cost reduction, recycle of raw materials and optimization of consumptions are some of the aspects on which Meclube works to assure the sustainability standards needed for the environment.  

Job safety

Together with a low environmental impact, the company commits itself to grant the safety and the welfare of the workers. 

The reduction of the noise limit, the hygiene of the workplace, the use of robots and automatic technologies for exhausting or dangerous duties and the simplification of the productive processes are some of the measures implemented for a healthy and safe work environment. A development that continues every day for a cutting-edge company in the workers protection.